Browse other peoples' ideasAll employees have brilliant ideas. Do you have the tools to capture them?

R&D is often the only group allowed to innovate. Most other ideas are lost. Increased volume and diversity improve gathering your good ideas, the ones that generate your future revenue.

Sproodle is a tool for all employees to voice their ideas, give suggestions and respond to challenges. The ideas can range from small process improvements to new products, services or business models.


Discuss with others

Ideas are significantly improved by collaboration. A large crowd with diverse knowledge, experiences and cultures can build upon ideas better than any single individual.

Vote on other people's ideasSproodle encourages employees to improve on ideas and promote the most interesting content. Sproodle also helps to easily identify relations between interesting content.


Funnel Brilliant ideas must be implemented. Many operational improvements can be directly applied, whereas product and service innovations are often developed through a structured process.

The ideas generated through Sproodle are used as a starting point for your implementation process. The process can also be managed using your existing tools.


Innovation Grow profitably by effectively turning your ideas into value-creating innovations. Sproodle is the catalyst that drives your collaborative innovation process.

Can you really afford losing all those great ideas?